Monday, September 12, 2011

Astrid Tasks App

I don't know why but I absolutely drag my feet through Mondays. I struggle to motivate myself to do household tasks in general, but on Monday its sooo much worse! I cant even look at the dishes, I hate my carpet for needing to be vacuumed, and I downright resent the laundry sitting in baskets waiting to be put away. I've washed you, what more do you want?!
Lucky for the inhabitants of my household, I found the Astrid Tasks app for my smart phone! Its a simple To-do list that lets you prioritize your tasks and set deadlines for yourself. It also leaves you passive-aggressive reminders to get things done. "Are you busy? Time to Vacuum." I sure they were designed to be friendly reminders, but I'm more motivated to follow through with chores if I read them as passive-aggressive. Its exactly what I need come Monday. Its a great free app, and worth checking out.

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